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Green homes are healthy, comfortable, durable, and resource efficient. Small, cost-effective changes can make a big difference. To borrow a quote from Anne-Marie Bonneau, the Zero Waste Chef, we don’t need a handful of people doing sustainability perfectly, we need millions of people doing it imperfectly. 

To that end, last fall I gave a talk at Tiny Talks Mill Valley that explores the Green Point Rating System developed by Build It Green of California. Using a system of points, homes can qualify for the Green Point Rating, which can increase the resale value up to 5% in our local Marin County market. Watch the video on my Tiny Talks page to see how a small San Rafael bungalow, built in 1924, qualifies for the Green Point Rating. 

Want to know more? Here’s the Green Point Rated Checklist where you can see the point categories and see if your home qualifies, or find some big and small changes you could make in 2020. You are probably closer than you think!

Want to get started with home upgrades? Here are some good places to start.

Marin County Sustainability Programs for Residents
San Francisco Rebates for Energy Efficient Upgrades

Want to live more sustainably? There are a million different ways, but here are a few local organizations to check out.

Zero Waste Marin
Resilient Neighborhoods
Buy Nothing Project

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