The mission of Tiny Talks is to provide a platform for passionate speakers to share their wisdom, stories and perspectives. By keeping presentations brief, the audience can sample a wide range of stories in one entertaining evening; allowing for a cross-pollination of ideas and new ways of seeing the world.

After the presentations, the audience is invited to join designated ‘conversation tables’. Presenters help facilitate conversation so neighbors can meet and their thoughts and stories can be heard allowing for new connections of people and ideas.

Our goal?
The audience leaves inspired by new ideas and experiences. One or two new friends are made. Everyone has an opportunity to both listen and be heard. Come join the fire. Bring your curiosity. Add your voice. This is what helps communities continue to thrive!

Tiny Talks Mill Valley events have been on the themes of "Connecting People to Place" in April 2019, and "Sanctuary" in October 2019. Sadly, our April 202o event was canceled due to the shelter-in-place order, and we are holding off on planning future events. While we could meet virtually, so much of the wonderful community that happens at a Tiny Talks event is hard to re-create in a digital format. We are dedicated to Tiny Talks and will see you again as soon as in-person group events are safe for everyone. 

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