Top 10 Reasons for Choosing a Green Realtor

  1. Work with a like-minded professional who cares about sustainability.

  2. 80% of home buyers are willing to pay more for a healthy home.

  3. Green certified homes sell for up to 5% more than a comparable, non-certified home.

  4. Can help you determine which low-cost fixes or big-budget upgrades will increase both the value and comfort of your home.

  5. Can help you get your home green certified.

  6. Knows how to market green certified properties to get the maximum value.

  7. Can help buyers identify green properties or those with green potential.

  8. Connects you with resources for rebates or local programs.

  9. Knows how to work with property appraisers to value green home features.

  10. Helps you find the best home for you that is healthy, comfortable and sustainable.

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